2011, June 21

Board of Trustees Meeting
Philo Public Library District
Box 199, 115 E. Washington St.
Philo Illinois 61864
Board Meeting Date:  Tuesday, June 21, 2011, 7:00 p.m.,
Open To the Public

I.  Roll Call

II.  Session with Attorney Ken Beth1. Board Meeting Dates 2011-2012 Ordinance
2. Maintenance Tax Ordinance
3. Prevailing Wage Ordinance
4. Consideration of Next Years Budget and Levy

III.  Election of PPLD Officers

IV.  Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting

V.  Officer Reports:
1. President                4.  Treasurer
2. Vice-President         5.  Lincoln Trails Rep.
3. Secretary                6.  Friends of the Library Rep.: IRS Status

VI.  Correspondence and Communication

VII.  Committee Reports:
1. Technology                                    4. Automation
2. Landscape: Watering New Tree       5.  Personnel: Sick Time & Vacation
3. Memorial: Woman’s Club Donation

VIII.  Director Report
1. Per Capita: Trustees Analyze Library’s Revenues
2. Statistics: April and May (minus LINC downtime), Add Estimate?
3. I.P.L.A.R. Being Prepared

IX.  Assistant Director Report
1. Author, Raymond Bial Program, 6-26-11, 3pm
2. Summer Activities
X.  Children’s Librarian Report
1. Summer Activities
XI.  Continuing & Unfinished Business:
1.  Consider Board Vacancy
XII. New Business
1. Staff Contracts for New Fiscal Year

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