2014, Jan. 21

Meeting of the Board of Trustees
Philo Public Library District
115 E. Washington St., P. O. Box 199
Philo, Illinois 61864
Date of Meeting: Jan. 21, 2014, Meeting Is Open to the Public

I.  Roll Call

II.  Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting

III. Officer Reports:
1. President                      4. Treasurer
2. Vice-President                 5. Illinois Heartland Representative
3. Secretary                       6. Friends of the Library Representative

IV. Correspondence and Communications: IH to Set InterLibraryLoan Loan Periods

V.  Committee Reports:
1. Technology: SHARE Down For Update
2. Landscape
3. Memorial
4. Personnel: Jill’s Vacation April 25 – May 1st &
Sue’s Vacation May 5   -12th

VI. Director’s Report
1. YTD Materials Spending Update
2. November & December Statistics
3. Few Fed Tax Forms, No State Forms
4. Annual PPLD State Certification Filed
5. Decker’s “Soon To Be Famous” Book Submitted

VII. Assistant Director’s Report:
1. Winter/Spring Activities

IX. Children’s Librarian Report:
1. Winter/Spring Activities

IX. Continuing & Unfinished Business
1. New Chair Update

XI. New Business
1. Economic Interest Statements Online, Due Jan. 1 – May 1