2016, Nov 15

Board of Trustees Meeting
Philo Public Library District
Box 199, 115 E. Washington St.
Philo Illinois 61864

This meeting is open to the public

(217) 684-2896 (217) 684-2719

Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Time: 7:00 p.m., Philo Library

I. Roll Call

II. Approval of Annual Tax Levy Ordinance
1. Certification of Ordinance
2. Certification of Compliance

III. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting

IV. Officer Reports:
1. President            4. Treasurer
2. Vice-President     5. Illinois Heartland Rep.
3. Secretary           6. Friends of the Library Rep.

V. Correspondence and Communication
Thank You Card from Kathy Lankster

VI. Committee Reports:
1. Technology
2. Memorial
3. Landscape
4. Personnel

VII. Director Report

VIII. Assistant Director Report

IX. Children’s Librarian Report

X. Continuing & Unfinished Business:
1. Resolution to comply with the Government travel expense control act

XI. New Business
2. Access