2016, Sept 20

Meeting of the Board of Trustees
Philo Public Library District
115 E. Washington St., P. O. Box 199
Philo, Illinois 61864

Date of Meeting: Sept. 20, 2016. Time: 7 p.m. Meeting Is Open to the Public

Public Hearing on Budget and Appropriations Ordinance

1. Public Comment on Budget and Appropriations Ordinance

Meeting of Board of Trustees

I. Roll Call

II. Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

III. Vote on Budget and Appropriations Ordinance

IV. Officer Reports:
1. President           4. Treasurer
2. Vice-President   5. Illinois Heartland Representative
3. Secretary          6. Friends of the Library Representative

V. Correspondence and Communications:

VI. Committee Reports:
1. Technology            4. Personnel:
2. Landscape             5. Other
3. Memorial

VII. Director’s Report
1. August Circulation statistics
2. IPLAR submitted online, 8/31/2016

VIII. Assistant Director’s Report:
1. Summer Programs

IX. Children’s Librarian Report:

X. Continuing & Unfinished Business

XI. New Business
1. 3M Cloud Library Quote

posted: September 18, 2016