2013, Jul 16

Meeting of the Board of Trustees
Philo Public Library District
115 E. Washington St., P. O. Box 199
Philo, Illinois 61864

Date of Meeting: July 16, 2013,
Meeting Is Open to the Public

I. Roll Call

II. Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

III. Officer Reports:
1. President            4. Treasurer
2. Vice-President     5. Illinois Heartland Representative
3. Secretary        6. Friends of the Library Representative

IV. Correspondence and Communications:

V. Committee Reports:
1. Technology        4. Personnel: Sue’s Vacation
2. Landscape: Good Job Saturday!         5. Other
3. Memorial

VI. Director’s Report
1. EBSCO Magazine Order
2. 5,000 Item Barcodes Ordered
3. More Plastic Library Cards to Be Ordered
4. May & June Statistics
5. Keeping Track of Budgeted Materials Expenses

VII. Assistant Director’s Report:
1. Summer Programs

VIII. Children’s Librarian Report:
1. Summer Programs

IX. Continuing & Unfinished Business
1. Patron Survey for Per Capita Grant Data
2. Staff Contracts: Extension of Date to Use Accumulated Hours
3. Golden Goat Can Donations
4. Budget Considerations

X. New Business

1. Consider Yearly Rug Cleaning