2012, Feb. 21

Board of Trustees Meeting
Philo Public Library District
Box 199, 115 E. Washington St.
Philo Illinois 61864
(217) 684-2896
7:00 PM  Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Meeting Is Open To the Public

I.  Roll Call

II.  Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting

III. Officer Reports:
1. President                       4.  Treasurer: New Copier
2. Vice-President                5.  Illinois Heartland Rep.
3. Secretary                       6.  Friends of the Library Rep.:
Four Yr Review of Income & Expense

IV.  Correspondence and Communication: Sec. Of St. Awards PPLD Per Capita, $2,003.83

V. Committee Reports:
1. Technology                       4.  Automation
2. Landscape                        5.  Personnel: Jill’s Husband’s Health;
3. Memorial                                       Don’s Vacation Days

VI.  Director Report
1. Tax Assistance Scheduling and Forms
2. Month’s Statistics; and Half Year Reciprocal Borrowing Stats
3. Author Book Talk, Jeff Goldberg, at PPLD, 2-19-12

VII. Assistant Director Report
1. Children’s Spring Programming
VIII. Children’s Librarian Report
1. Children’s Spring Programing

IX.  Continuing & Unfinished Business:
1.  New/Replacement Games Purchased
X. New Business:
1. Recommend Continuing Membership in LP Rotating Collection