Digital Library

Borrow ebooks and audiobooks to read on your phone, tablet, or Kindle (U.S. only) using the Libby app from OverDrive. It’s free and easy to get started for new users and a streamlined experience for current OverDrive app users. Learn more at
To use Digital Library, you need the following:
1.  A valid library card.
2. Free Special software:
     Nook eReader: Adobe Digital Editions
     Kindle eReader: no software needed
     Tablets/Smartphones: OverDrive App
Basic Facts:
Checkout periods are limited to 2 weeks by default.
You can change this under Account/Settings.
You may renew the item if no one is waiting for it.
You may checkout up to 5 items at one time and have up to 7 items on your holds list at one time.